Hajime Sorayama is known world-wide for his imaginative and highly accomplished paintings of beautiful women. Using brush, pencil and acrylic paint, airbrushing only finishing details, he creates memorable images in a hyper-realistic style. He is often referred to as the contemporary visionary version of Vargas by those familiar with his pin-up style works, and is respected by artists and illustrators for his perfect technique. In retrospect, Sorayama's work has been remarkably prescient. Beginning in the 1970's and evolving into the 21st century, the futuristic auras of the robotic, mythic and fantastical figures in his art have always been ahead of their time."

The collaboration illustrates the creations of Sorayama and Juun.J, both visionaries of the past, present, and future, on progress and results. The collection emphasizes on glaring contrasts, and Sorayama’s hyper-realistic, dramatic artworks add significance to the collection.

JUUN.J X ADIDAS (2015.01)

Presented during Paris Men's Fashion Week, Juun.J's 2015-16 FW collection is inspired by a modern and chic military look leading to tailored and structured silhouettes. For his collaboration with adidas Juun.J redefined the iconic adidas ZX 8000 silhouette to fit the exquisite and classic feel of the collection.

adidas ZX 8000 tooling was used in this season's adidas by Juun.J footwear. Velcro straps were added and the dog bone torsion sole turned from matt to shiny to update this iconic silhouette with a new luxury sport tech appeal. Ths adidas by Juun.J ZX 8000 models will be available in a low and high top version, either in an air-mesh and leather mix or in a full leather with perforated leather edition.


Paolo Pedroni, an Italian digital artist with talents in various fine arts, delivers prominently surreal artworks with lovely characters for Juun.J 2015-16 FW. Paolo's beautiful artworks are re-interpreted and became a montage of khaki tailoring exclusive to Juun.J

JUUN.J x ADIDAS (2014.06)

The adidas Originals by Juun.J collaboration represents the perfect combination of Juun.J's decidedly modern approach to design with adidas' heritage in sport perfromance. For the Spring/Summer 2015 collection, Juun.J has given the legendary adidas Superstar an update by deconstruction the iconic 3 stripes, resulting in a minimalist style available in a low and high cut version.

The Superstar has been a classic since 1969, it was originally championed soley by to[-level basketball players but this unmistakable shell toe shoe eventually transcended the court, making its way onto the streets becoming an inherent and vital part of youth culture. The collaborative product highlights adidas' origins in sports while at the same time expressing a fresh sensibility inspired by youth and street culture, emphasizing the signature mood of the Juun.J brand.


London-based Rob Ryanm famous for his paper cutting works, presents simultaneously romantic, stunnung, and modern graphics to Juun.J's 15S/S collection. The collaboration with Rob Ryan elaborates finale in pure art form, and it gives new dimension to Juun.J's collaborations with artists.



The special collaboration between Moleskine, expressing creative inspirations based on contemporary yet classic design, and Juun.J reinterpreting classic to create entirely original items, exhibits innovative creators' perspectives and upgraded modern edge.


JUUN.J x NEW ERA (2014)

The second collaboration has launched between Juun.J and New Era renowned for ‘The 59FIFTY cap’. The iconic new Era cap has been transformed itself to very street influencing but also high-end version with slink leather.


The Collaboration with Samsung Mobile and Juun.J explores the convergence fashion and technology. This challenging, yet elaborate project combining high-tech with high-end fashion will be shown through high resolution display of Samsung’s latest premium tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition. Also the custom accessory features Juun.J’s signature design aesthetic.


Josh Luke, hand painting sign board artist, presents classic and powerful modern graphic arts for 2014-15 F/W Juun.J collection. His graphics are envisages the essence of classic yet futuristic, which perfectly creates a modern edge to the collection.


JUUN.J x AMBUSH(2013.06)

The always unique and sometimes kitsch Ambush creates bold yet beautiful earring for JUUN.J that are absorbed into the collection. These earrings give the perfect accent to the collection. The earrings in various colors sets the tone for the 80's hip hop mood through its shape and material and the Black, white, blue and gold metallic leather adds a sporty feel. The combination of both creates a modern edge to the collection.


JUUN.J x OLEG DOU(2013.06)

JUUN.J incorporates the ethereal beauty of Oleg Dou's photography into the unique vision of the collection. Dou's depiction of surreal yet perfect faces acts as a metaphor for this season's collection where the contrast of organic natural vs artificial is the main theme. The haunting depth of Dou's work lends an element of surprise always present in JUUN.J's collection.


JUUN.J x NEW ERA(2013.01)

JUUN.J and New Era come together to create exclusive 2013 2014 Fall/Winter Collection caps. The iconic 59FIFTY fitted cap has been transformed to reflect the essence of this collection. Some with studs and some with JUUN.J's specially developed embossing technique, the caps give the finishing accent to each look.


For 2013 2014 Fall/Winter Collection JUUN.J incorporates the fantastical works of Greg 'Craola' Simkins. Greg's artwork rooted in graffiti and JUUN.J's silhouette perfectly complements each other enhancing the dynamic contrast of classicism and street, ubiquitous to JUUN.J



JUUN.J collaborated with famous Swiss photographer duo AlexandFelix for his '12'13 Fall/Winter Collection. The outcome is a range of over-sized tailored sweaters featuring the surreal, retro-futuristic portraits from the breathtaking 13 Queens series.


JUUN.J x SIX SCENTS (2010.10)

JUUN.J collaborated with perfumer Natalie Gracia-Cetto for Six Scents series three project to create scents around childhood memories and the influence of adolescence on identity.

"Can't Smell Fear"

"Fog rolls over the quietness at dawn. Over the asphalt and grey buildings, parked cars and trees, over everyone in black and grey walking their monochrome pets. Businessmen and students like cloud formations in the street, quietly gliding by. Dissolving into one another, mixing on the crosswalk. Meanwhile, a night that never ended begins a morning with the smell of soft skin. Strange and new like the first day of school or the start of an unexpected addiction."

JUUN.J x CHRISTOPHE COPPENS (2010.01 & 2011.01)

For '10'11 Fall/Winter collection JUUN.J and acclaimed Belgium designer Christophe Coppens gave the fedora an avant twist. Iconic Oversized berets were created for '11'12 Fall/Winter collection.

JUUN.J x KIM KIROIC (2011.01 & 2011.06)

For '11'12 Fall/Winter and '12 Spring/Summer Collection JUUN.J collaborated with Kim Kiroic to create footwear. The unique silhouette and geometric soles perfectly compliment the tailoring whilst breaking any preconceived notions about footwear.

JUUN.J x REEBOK (2008.01 & 2009.09)

JUUN.J got together with Reebok twice, to collaborate on hi-top sneakers that has become instant cult classics. The Reebok logo is embossed on the side of the sneaker and on the tongue. The JUUN.J logo is embossed on the heel.


For '09'10 Fall/Winter collection JUUN.J joined Britain's Linda Farrow to create eyewear to compliment his signature avant style with technical tailoring.

JUUN.J x SPEEDO (2009.06)

Classic sportswear brand Speedo and JUUN.J collaborated to create special swimwear that also Highlighted the finale of JUUN.J's '10 Spring/Summer Show.

JUUN.J x TOPMAN (2009.05)

"The Classic White T-shirt" project with Topman

As one of the designers invited to rework the humble t-shirt JUUN.J created his ideal version of a staple wardrobe piece. JUUN.J designed an oversized poncho style t-shirt with a hood that has a distinctive streetwear feel.